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I'm sure all of the Group members are also 'software explorers'.
When I began exploring this fractal form, I was amazed by how
many developers had already boarded the "Mandelbulb Wagon",
so to speak.

A partial 'roundup' of what I've tried out so far, with homepage
links is below, in no special order.

Chaos Pro

Tacitus, from
dA'a own Xyrus

again by one of dA's own...Krzysztof Marczak

Mandelbulb3D, which seems to be one of the most popular apps for
beginners like me

Visions Of Chaos out of Australia's Softology; developer Jason Rampe

I've heard that Ultra Fractal may also do mandelbulbs, but I don't have the
cash to spend right now.  I'll download the latest demo soon and try it out.

Don't get stuck with one generator until you've at least sampled the feast
that's available! :D

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